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The Jerky Dynasty Big Game Variety Pack is Perfect as a Groomsman's Gift.  We even added a 5 piece snack pack for your Best Man. As long as your wife isn't making you use your brother-in-law as the best man.

  • Beef and Buffalo Garlic and Chipotle Flavored Jerky
  • Beef and Buffalo Mild Jerky Stick
  • Beef and Buffalo Smoked Jerky
  • Beef and Buffalo Spicy Pepper Jerky Stick
  • Buffalo Bob's Elk Hickory Smoked Jerky
  • Elk Peppered Jerky Stick
  • Venison Fire Hot Jerky Stick
  • Venison Mild Jerky Stick
  • Buffalo Bob's Venison Peppered Jerky
  • Venison Teriyaki Jerky Stick
  • Wild Boar BBQ Jerky
  • Wild Boar BBQ Jerky Stick
  • Venison, Elk, Buffalo Sticks or Jerky Pack

Due to Buffalo meat price increases this product now has Beef as the fist ingredient and Buffalo as the Second ingredient.