Exotic & Gourmet Jerky and Great Gifts for Men (and Women)



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Fantastic Variety and Flovor

The Buffalo Bobs jerky and meat stick variety was great and each flavor was top notch! The quantity of the product was also very pleasing.

Alaskan Reindeer Jerky
Chris Simmons
Very good flavor but pretty chewy

Absolutely delicious but it stretched like rubber with every bite, had to dice it up with a knife.

Camel Jerky
joe clark
I love ordering from Jerky Dynasty

I eat so much exotic jerky that I got almost all of my co-workers to finally have some. At first they were like, ew. But eventually it spread like I'm the cool kid in high school. If you want to feel like that, eat camel. It tastes awesome. I also prefer alligator and kangaroo.

Beef and Buffalo Smoked Jerky
Elizabeth Mackenzie

This jerky is amazing and has kept me focused on eating healthy and staying on my high protein diet. You can take them anywhere and they are an easy snack! Love them!!! If you haven’t tried them I encourage you to order some!!!

Fast shipping love the taste

Fast shipping love the taste

Venison Teriyaki Jerky Stick

Camel Jerky
Abigail Vaughan

Camel Jerky

Well... My dogs loved them

I was so excited to get the jerky that I left them on the counter. They looked SO incredible and the packaging was great. Sadly, my 2 dogs decided they agreed and DEVOURED every last one of them. They 10/10 recommend though! ;)

The Ultimate Everything Exotic Jerky Gifts for him

Great product

Love the variety picked out too! Would buy again!

Love this stuff!

I’ve got this from other places but decided to order it for my birthday this year. My plan was to have two a day but that has gone out the window! 100 pieces and it’s not even going to last me 30 days.

Exotic Jerky Gift Bag
Logan Armstrong
Taste as fuck

I would love to be sponsored by your company

Elk Hickory Smoked Jerky
Justin Robinson
Justin R

Very good, good shipping time, and very tasty with a nice variety of exotic meats

Father's Day Gift: The Ultimate Everything Exotic Jerky Gift

I purchased these for my Dad for Father's Day and he loved them. Thank you!

Too much filler

Pretty much every flavor was mostly beef. I was really looking forward to tasting something unique but they're all filled out with beef.

Delicious Jerky

My husband and I purchased the exotic jerky gift set and have been sampling and sharing with friends and family and everyone has loved them.

Not bad.

Taste is pretty good. Wish real jerky pieces were available instead of the grind.

Very Tasty

Most of the jerky was very tender and tasty, they quickly remedied the items that I wrongly received. I will definitely be ordering from them again!


Like Cajun? Like exotic meat? Well Cajun kangaroo and crocodile are for you! Seriously, the mix of meats in the sampler was great and mostly good. There were some I wasn’t fond of, but none of the meat was bad, it was just a flavor I didn’t like. 10/10, will buy again.

Jerky is our Friend

Like your jerky!


Very good product especially the Maple Duck!! Buy those early cause they sell out fast!

Honey Ham Smoked Jerky Stick

It’s a winner

It’s my go to gift for birthday’s and Father’s Day my patient and my father loves this jerky What do you get the men in your life who already have everything !!! their favorite snack 😂

Great Quality and Variety

The meat is great quality and there are plenty of different flavors to suit different tastes. I think of some of the milder ones like the Outback Kangaroo need a bit more seasoning to enhance the flavor, but I still would recommend giving this a try. 10/10