Exotic & Gourmet Jerky and Great Gifts for Men (and Women)



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Alligator jerky

Good flavor, not too spicey, will order again.

Alligator Stick Mild
Heidi Westermier
Great stocking stuffers

These have been a wonderful seller for me, a great addition to the shop,.

Biltong 3-Pack
Lauren Duggan
Flavorful and tender

Got as a gift for my husband and we both loved it. Definitely ordering again

Good and tasty

The Duck Maple Jerky Sticks were a big hit - ordered 3 to start and wish I would have ordered more!

I bought them as a gift. There is a nice variety of game meat. I am going to order some for myself to try!

Alligator Cajun Stick Snack Pack
Love me some cajun gator

So good. Gator, plus some spice to it is the reason why i bought multiple packs of this.

Venison Peppered Jerky Snack Pack
Stacie Orfino

The jerky was a hit for the holidays

Good and tasty

Good and tasty - son and husband approved


I got one for my husband for Christmas! He loved it and the jerky was so good! Highly recommend!


I ordered this for my husband for Christmas. He loved it and has already put the ammo can to use. His favorite was the kangaroo!

Camel Jerky
Donna Holmes

Camel Jerky

Delicious and quick delivery

I thought of this as a gift for my husband right before Christmas.
I ordered, assuming it wouldn't be delivered in time and I'd have to tell him about this future gift.
I watched the tracking and was so happy it came in time for me to wrap it.
He thought it was a great gift. We really enjoyed the treats so far and can't wait for next month's delivery!

Perfect gift

I bought this as a stocking stuffer for my bf, he ate all of it in a matter of days and just keeps talking about how good it was! He said “next year get me double the amount!”

It’s good.

The recipes are always the same and it’s very overpriced. However, “it’s good”. Every time I send a bouquet I ask people what they think and they say “it’s good”. When I ask which one they like the best, they’re not sure. To me, they all taste the same. It’s not jerky at all. These are what hunters call “pepperoni sticks”. Those are left overs from top cuts that were used for real jerky/prime cuts. To me these are fancy Slim Jim’s. That’s just me.

Camel Jerky
Pam Hardyman
Camel jerky

Everyone loved all the varieties of jerky I purchased but the Camel jerky was a big hit

Christmas Gift

Purchased the wild game sticks for a couple of friends and they haven't stop raving about the wide variety that they received. I will definitely be making a purchase or a few in the very near future.

great product

Got the Ultimate 27 piece Exotic jerky pack as a gift. Loved it so much thought I would gift it to other family member to try. FUN to experience different things.

Husband loved it!

I got this for my husband for Christmas and he absolutely loved it! He would tell me every time he grabbed one which one he was eating.

Very pleased with the product and will be ordering again soon.

Was a gift

Was told you can taste mostly the beef it was cut with

Perfect gift

Got these for my husband and uncle for Christmas. They loved it so much. I got to try a few of them, very good jerky. Very satisfied with my purchase.

Alaskan Salmon Jerky
Leslie Trevino
What the what!

This shits good! Get you some!

Fast shipping

Shipping was amazing, shipped out hours after I ordered it. I can't comment on the taste as it was a gift for someone else but the variety looked amazing.

Christmas Delight

Purchased a wide variety of jerkey for myself along with beef sticks varying in type and flavor.

Great customer service to go along with quality jerkey.

Keep up the great work!
George Mitchell