Exotic & Gourmet Jerky and Great Gifts for Men (and Women)



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Fishing trip with family

Four of us, fishing in Canada, really enjoyed our Ultimate Everything Exotic gift packs. Jerky was taken out in the boats daily as well as enjoyed in the cabin during our card games. Fabulous variety, excellent favor. You’ll definitely hear from us again

Dynasty Club Jerky of the Month
Samantha Starrington
Delicious, but not enough!

I joined the dynasty club, and there was definitely not enough jerky in there for the money. I bought the exotic package, and I did feel that that one had enough jerky to constitute the price.

They were all delicious except the tuna jerky, and it came in the dynasty package! Seriously yall. Ban that stuff 🤢

Great stuff for dad

Wanted to get something that was usual and he wouldn’t expect . He eats one a day and always gives me a update . 100 percent satisfied on both ends .

Awesome variety!

Many choices, all great tasting! 👏

Tasty jerky

We got the assortment and loved it all

Good snack food

Many of the flavors have surprised me and loving them.

Beef and Buffalo Mild Jerky Stick

Awesome Father’s Day gift

Gave it to my dad early and he loved the variety and it was very good quality!

Bird's The Word
Anthony McClanahan
Me,me me,

As usual product was very good I will be ordering again next month


The Ultimate Everything Exotic jerky was delicious.

Favorite go-to gift for guys

This is my 2nd time ordering this and so far all I've gotten is rave reviews!

Husband thought this was a great gift

Lots of variety. I thought the jerky would be in a nice gift type box. It came in a clear plastic bag. I probably didn’t read the description well enough. That’s ok just wasn’t what I expected. I did find a box that worked well and made a nice gift box for the jerky. The jerky is good. My husband and our daughter devoured multiple pieces on the first day. Kids love saying ooh now I’m eating ostrich or now I’m eating a kangaroo! It was a big hit!

Whiskey BBQ
Anthony McClanahan
Me,me me,

I really enjoyed my order and will be ordering again as soon as I am able. ,,,,good stuff

Variety Deliciousness

My husband and I enjoyed everything we received in the jerky of the month box. Great flavors and tenderness in each bite. We loved seeing new (to us) brands with quality ingredients.

Great product

Our customers love your jerky and a few have come back just to purchase more!

Staff favorites?

I had gotten this as the next package up was, for me, too much and to many doubles. (As for what I seen)
I didn't care for most but I do love jerky. Too tough, dry or ouly. I still have the garor ones. Mind you I did like the sticks better than the jerkys. Will I buy again? No. I will get the duck sticks. Those were phenomenal. But with the staff picks, no. I gave 4 stars as I really wanted to give 3, but I am expecting the gator to bring it up to 4, hence why I gave 4 stars. I will say this, if gator is disappointing I will tey to come back and change my rating to a lower score so don't mess this up.

The Ultimate Everything Exotic Jerky Gifts for Men

Deer Camp Box
carey Stuller
It's was okay...

A lot of the meat was so dry it was hard to eat. Flavor seemed to be good, but was to hard to continue to eat. Wish the meat was fresher.

Beat special occasion mens gift ever

It is pricey, just the nature of the thing, so I only buy it twice a year, Fathers Day and Christmas. It is always a hit and well received.

Duck maple

I was skeptical but I love duck so I tried it. Oh yeah, I love it!!
Very subtle in flavor and the maple isn't overpowering. The duck flavor shines. This is a must! Will get more when I can afford to.

Lots of variety

Am enjoying the variety of meats in this selection. The flavors are bold, delicious and each is different. Good for gift giving.

Best father’s day gift!

I buy the variety pack every single year for father’s day. My husband gets so excited when he knows his jerky is coming!

Elk Peppered 8oz Zick's
Jorge Gonzalez
Great product, love it and will buy again

Prompt delivery of an excellent tasting jerky. very well prepared and excellent pacaging.

Good Stuff

A buddy and I finished off a bag of jerky in a few days. tasty

Love it!

I bought this as a birthday gift for my BF, and he loved it! I also took a nibble and thought it tasted great.