Exotic & Gourmet Jerky and Great Gifts for Men (and Women)



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Honey jalapeno bacon

This product is so good and delicious it's sweet and a little spicy but it doesn't kick you in the mouth

Great service

So far everything has been good

My husband loved it

We both loved it

Staff Favorites 20 piece Buffalo Bob’s Exotic Jerky Gift for Him

Really Good

I am from Wisconsin. I grew up in a family farm environment and financed the food processing industry for over 15 years; I know a bit about good snack sausage. This is really good and the spice is just right for my taste.

A perfect gift.

I have been buying these for my son for different holidays - - birthday, Christmas and this last one for Easter. He is still as excited getting them as he was the first time several years ago. He, of course, is an adult, but opened them as soon as he opened his Easter bsasket.

Love this Jerkey

I get this for myself not a man, the best beef jerky a girl could love

Good product! My Grandson loves it.

Great protein treat!

My grandson doesn't like to eat but he will eat those Maple Duck sticks.....he really likes them!

Perfect snack

I would get this one again, it was very flavorful. So far no flavor has let me down.

Very Good

Jerky’s flavor was bold and very tasty.

great flavor

two types of DELICIOUS sticks come in this. round ones - like a slim jim type style, and flat ones. the flat ones are not* soft like the round ones. they are not super hard or anything and i mean we are getting jerky, so, not a real surprise. just be aware that they are a harder, chewy jerky. that being said, i have gone through a lot of both already and they are all DELICIOUS.


Love this product. Constantly purchasing.

Venison Mild Jerky Stick


Absolutely perfect. My husband loved the variety

Great gift

My family are meat eaters and this was the perfect birthday gift for my dad. Very cool to try the different meats

Second favorite jerky ever!

I got a package of this jerky a few years back at the local state fair. At the time, it was the best jerky I had ever had. Searched for it near or far, high and low even... never could find it. Then I stumbled upon your website, and low and behold, you had more flavors! I can now say you hold the top 3 spots for my all time favorite jerkys! If you like this or any of their other flavors, be sure to give the rest a try. The maple bourbon is especially good;)

The Ultimate Everything Exotic Jerky Gift for Men

The Ultimate Everything Exotic Jerky Gift for Men

Perfect gift for my partner

Valentine treat for my significant other. He said it was the best!

Great Product

The variety is great and so far all of them taste great.

Really Nice Variety

There's a great variety of meats, including game and less readily available meats like kangaroo, alligator, and duck - and flavor combinations. Good texture regardless of the style (round or flat) or meat. Recommended.

Got for my husband for Valentine's day, he loved it. I searched several sites and really found yours to give the most product for my monet. I have gotten to taste several of the spicy treats and they were awesome. Hubby was very pleased too