For our Corporate clients. Order multiple packs and email the shipping addresses to jerkydynasty@gmail.com with order number.  We can even include a custom note.

Some folks out there just can't pick their favorites until they've tried every flavor. Well, we made the Ultimate EVERYTHING pack just for you! You'll receive 27 different varieties of Buffalo Bob's wild game jerky- one of each flavor and meat we sell here at Jerky Dynasty. 

The Ultimate EVERYTHING 27-piece pack makes a great:

Buffalo Bob’s is the culmination of over 40 years’ experience in meat preparation techniques that have been passed down through the Zick family for generations. All Buffalo Bob’s products are farm-raised and mixed with beef to earn that sweet USDA seal of approval.

Order today and you'll receive the following essentials: 

 All Buffalo, Ostrich, and Pheasant product now have Beef as the first ingredient.  **FLAVORS SUBJECT TO CHANGE**