Beef & Pheasant Jerky Stick Snack Pack


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One piece of jerky not enough? Get this 8oz snack pack and share with your friends or just have more for yourself!

Pheasant has traditionally been a mark of quality at any sportsman's table. Wisconsin is where our pheasant meat is farm-raised. It's lightly seasoned, allowing the superb flavor to come through. Buffalo Bob's Wild Game Snack Sticks are a ready to eat, pepperoni-sausage product each weighing one ounce. Ground meat is mixed with seasonings, encased in an edible casing and then slow-smoked over selected hardwoods. To ensure freshness all products are individually vacuum-sealed. 100% REAL pheasant, farm-raised and USDA Inspected. (8oz - includes added beef)  Beef is the first ingredient in this product and Pheasant is the second ingredient.