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This pack will get you 28 different buffalo bob's jerky varieties - one of each flavor and meat we sell here at Jerky Dynasty. You'll even get some that aren't even listed individually online! You're getting a hefty discount by doing it this way as well. Enjoy! All Buffalo Bob's products are mixed with some beef to get a USDA stamp.  

  • Buffalo Bob's Alligator BBQ Jerky
  • Alligator Cajun Jerky
  • Alligator Cajun Jerky Stick
  • Alligator Jerky Stick Mild
  • Beef Pemmican Jerky
  • Buffalo Garlic and Chipotle Flavored Jerky
  • Buffalo Mild Jerky Stick
  • Buffalo Smoked Jerky
  • Buffalo Spicy Pepper Jerky Stick
  • Duck Maple Jerky Stick
  • Buffalo Bob's Elk Hickory Smoked Jerky
  • Elk Peppered Jerky Stick
  • Honey Ham Smoked Jerky Stick
  • Buffalo Bob's Kangaroo Jerky
  • Kangaroo Jerky Stick
  • Ostrich Hickory Smoked Jerky
  • Ostrich Jerky Stick
  • Pheasant Jerky Stick
  • Pork Chorizo Mexican Jerky Stick
  • Pork Hawaiian Teriyaki Jerky Stick
  • Pork Jalepeno Jerky Stick
  • Smoked Beef Jerky Stick
  • Venison Fire Hot Jerky Stick
  • Venison Mild Jerky Stick
  • Venison Peppered Jerky
  • Venison Teriyaki Jerky Stick 
  • Wild Boar BBQ Jerky Stick
  • Wild Boar BBQ Jerky